Suspension spraying
Wear protection

  • Suspension sprayed chromium oxide coatings are an environmentally friendly and longer lasting hard chrome replacement.

  • Because of the nano structured coating, in comparison to conventional sprayed chromium oxide crack propagation is limited and the hardness is higher.

  • The picture shows conventionally sprayed chromium oxide with cracks parallel to the coating, whilst cracks in a suspension sprayed chromium oxide coating spread evenly in all directions. In addition, the spreading of the cracks is less strong. For this reasons the wear resistance of the coating increases.

Rissausbreitungsverhalten[Application: wear-resistant coating for piston rods]

Source: A. Killinger, A. Rempp, P. Müller, A. Manzat und R. Gadow,
Hochgeschwindigkeitsflammspritzen mit Suspensionen
aus nano- und submikronskaligen Oxidpulvern
High-velocity oxy-fuel spraying with suspensions
consisting of nanoscale and submicronscale oxide

in: Thermal Spray Bulletin to be published in 2015
Hrsg. GTS eV