Insulating coatings
For power electronics, heating conductor coatings and medical technologies
  • In a joint research project with the Institute for Materials Science at TU Dresden, HVOF and suspension sprayed insulation layers are developed.

  • These layers are denser than conventional thermal sprayed insulation layers. They show a higher insulating capability at lower layer thickness.

  • Due to their high thermal conductivity these coatings can be used in circuit boards for power electronics, which are more and more desired in the automotive industry.

  • Project Sponsor: BMWi, Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand ZIM; Code: KF3197501

[Demonstrator: circuit board with conductor tracks]


Further fields of application for dense suspension sprayed insulation coatings:

  • Heating conductor coatings for stoves, plastic injection molding and many other areas

  • Non sealed insulation coatings approved for medical products

Querschliff Keramikschicht[Cross-section of a dense ceramic layer]

Source: F.-L. Toma, A. Potthoff, L.-M. Berger, C. Leyens: "Demands, Potentials, and Economic Aspects of Thermal Spraying with Suspensions: A Critical Review" in Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Vol 24(7), 2015, S. 1143–1152